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BUDAPEST, June 4, 2024

At its latest meeting, N&T’s Dispute Resolution Group discussed certain issues related to the preliminary ruling procedure. Participants shared their personal experiences in connection with specific cases and their outcomes as well as regarding the specificities of acting before the Court of Justice of the European Union in person, covering, inter alia, the issue of interpretation and the questions arising in connection with the language of the oral statements. Participants also discussed the upcoming reform about the partial transfer of jurisdiction to give preliminary rulings from the Court of Justice to the General Court.

BUDAPEST, May 16, 2024

At the last meeting N&T’s M&A Group focused on certain questions of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Hungary. The group discussed Hungarian legislation on FDI matters, applicability of FDI regimes, specificity and clarity of the rules and their practical application. The group discussed and evaluated relevant practice experience gained in recent transactional cases.

BUDAPEST, May 14, 2024

N&T’s Dispute Resolution Group discussed certain procedural and tactical issues of state court litigation including questions concerning the advisable content, form and length of court submissions, a few aspects of taking evidence (including documents, witnesses and experts) and the optimal preparation for the hearings. The members of the group exchanged their own experiences and observations and the discussion also touched upon the differences between certain provisions of the old and the new Code of Civil Procedure. In addition to the exchange of views, the sharing of practical experiences and advice also served the development and awareness-raising of the junior colleagues.


The last meeting of N&T’s Dispute Resolution Group focused on certain aspects of witness evidence and the oral hearing of witnesses. Péter Nagy, partner of our law firm with decades of litigation experience, shared his personal experience and practical advice on the subject, especially with regard to the purpose of witness evidence, the challenges that arise during the hearing of the witness, especially in the case of a hostile witness. The participants then shared their own professional experiences and comments on the topic, and the Group also discussed the reflections and questions of our junior colleagues.


At the latest meeting of N&T’s Dispute Resolution Group, the participants discussed recent experiences of enforcement of pecuniary claims. In addition to the general introduction of the case and its background, the discussion covered, inter alia, practical experience gained during enforcement proceedings related to resolutions adopted by both state courts and arbitration courts, specificities of the procedural stages before the court as well as before the bailiff, and other procedural aspects and specifics relevant to the topic. Even if it looks simple to start an enforcement procedure and even looks more simple how to suspend or stop an ongoing enforcement, the actual practice of competent courts and bailiffs might become unexpectedly tricky requiring prompt actions and well prepared thinking.


N&T’s Dispute Resolution Group assessed the issue of interim measures and their ordering and the potential consequences of their order at its last meeting, in particular the Group discussed the interim measure prior to the initiation of proceedings. The discussion of this topic was justified by multiple successful applications for interim measures in the context of an ongoing litigation, where the different procedural practices and decisions of different courts were also disputed by the members of the Group.


N&T’s Dispute Resolution Group held its regular meeting where we discussed the expert proofing rules found in the new Code of Civil Procedure. Despite the challenges, our lawyers gained a deeper experience in the new regulation through various recent lawsuits especially through a complex, long-term damages claim case that we recently won at the first instance court, and which required several methods of applying experts, including experts appointed in other proceedings, the court appointment of experts, and the use of private expert reports.